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Tres at Wardner Ruins


Lethbridge Show!

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Lethbridge Show

Opera of the Drunken Midget Part2

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Wordfest 7

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Tres News!

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Bubba Tres are working on a project about the adventures of an alcoholic Midget who hooks up with Wonder Woman to fight evil. Bubba Tres will perform 4 new songs at every Wordfest until enough material has been created for the entire opera!

Warriors of the Zombie Hamlet

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New Bubba book out in Oct.2010

After months of hunkering down on the laptop the first of three ┬áZombie books has come to be. The story starts out a few months into the Great Zombie Apocalypse, in a Zombie overrun small town. The Town Midget runs down Zombies in a modified firetruck, children torture their teachers, granny shoots up the shed, bartenders kill Zombie Strippers and new forms of Zombies come into being…….all this and more. Hits bookstores and vendors of the weird and wonderful soon! Will keep you posted!-BUBBA




Wordfest 6- Sunday Oct 24th @ The Central